Thursday, February 15, 2018

new Hot Wheels Porsche 918 Spyder

Hot wheels have just released a new Porsche 918 Spyder Casting...

Note that the 918 is a different casting from the 2013 First Ed… that one is the concept car, this is the production version…The biggest difference lie on the rear engine cover/glass… the exhaust pipes coming out of the sides also are gone in the production version… but added were some slats above the front wheel well...

The real versions also had those differences…Including the rear glass panel…


He’s a Transformers character…  and while I’m not the biggest fan of the genre  I have not even finished a single movie  I got this one – he is called Sqweeks, and he transforms into a Vespa 

Here he is in the movie…

The one I got was from a blind bag series called “Tiny Turbo Changers”…. They are on “SALE” now at Toys R Us, and this one set me aback P100….

The best thing about it, is, it’s just about the right size for a LEGO minifigure – and one can actually ride in it…

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mr Juicy

It's very rare that a Formula 3 car gets done in 3" or 1/64sh scale diecast... but this is an exception.... It's a recycled casting of the "F1 Racer" Matchbox car.

Actual race car was the 1987 Macau GP winner, driven by Martin Donnelly.  The car is technically a Ralt RT31-Toyota.  Ralt is a race car manufacturer founded by Ron Tauranac, after they (he and Jack Brabham) sold the Brabham team to Bernie Ecclestone in 1971.  Notice that Brabhams have the “BT” designation – for Brabham-Tauranac.

Donnelly himself made it to F1, but his promising F1 career came to an abrupt end at the 1990 Spanish GP when he had a violent crash – many, including myself, thought he was dead.  He did survive but he would never race in F1 again.

As for the Macau Grand Prix itself.... did you know that the first 2-time winner of the event was a Filipino?  It’s Arsenio “Dodjie” Laurel (yes, he is related to the family involved in politics), who won back to back (1962-63).  He would later die in the same race in 1967.  Back then the race wasn’t as high profile as it later became, as most of the entrants were from the Far East.  Still a great sporting achievement for a Filipino.  I knew this as early as 1982 (I was 11) when I did a “research” on Laurel as part of my report in my English class in First Year HS.

In 1983, Formula 3 teams and drivers from all over the world came to the year-ending race, and it was a big hit.  It became the unofficial “finals” of Formula 3, since there was no intercontinental championship in that form of racing – only national titles (German, British, Italian, etc).  Then in ’83 upcoming stars from all over the world came.  The winner?  One Ayrton Senna.  Amongst his competitors were Martin Brundle (yes, the same guy doing commentary in todays F1 races on Star Sports) and Gerhard Berger, who would later become his rivals in F1.  In subsequent years, the best young drivers from all over the world would come – including a memorable duel in 1990 won by Michael Schumacher over Mika Hakkinen.  Michael’s brother Ralf would also win, in 1995.  In recent years, however, future F1 stars didn’t fare too well – multiple world champions Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton both competed but never won (Vettel finished 3rd in his only attempt).  With junior Formulas being “internationalized” as well, the Macau GP didn’t provide the “shootout” it once did...

July 2017 Ford BGC Swap Meet Hauls

Left Column, Front-Back: Tintoys (WT) Daimler Mk II brown P50, Lintoys (HK) Abarth 2000 blue P100, Majorette France BMW Turbo P100
Middle Column Front-Back: Yatming Lotus 72-Ford Ronnie Peterson #5 black P120, Penske PC22-Chevrolet Emerson Fittipaldi #4 1993 Indy 500 winner, Kyosho Porsche 936 #5 more on this later...
Right Column, Front-Back: Majorette France Jeep Cherokee Ambulance P100, Matchbox Lesney SRN6 Hovercraft P100, Matchbox Lesney Hovercraft green P120

I agonized long and hard over the Kyosho Porsche 936 – because it was being sold for P1200 – I was later able to haggle it down to P1000... It’s expensive but I’ve been after that for over a decade now!  I don’t want to go home regretting not buying it, so I went for it....

It’s a beautifully made model of a beautiful (and successful) race car.  The real one is below, at Le Mans in 1978, Jacky Ickx at the wheel.  His co drivers were fellow F1 drivers Jochen Mass and Henri Pescarolo....

The Majorette BMW Turbo is funky in design – notice what looks like a shifter on top (rear).... plus there are lots of gears inside... Apparently the Majorette Motor line was aimed at Darda.  Just like Darda, Majorette came up with a patented motor as well... mine is not working :)


Back in the 1990s Hot Wheels had a 2nd-generation VW Golf, and released it in black, in 2 variants:

Ever wondered what "Fahrvergn├╝gen" means?  I got curious and checked the internet.  It was a word coined by the VW advertising people to describe the driving experience one gets when using a vw car.  It means 'Driving enjoyment".  Not only that, but the reddish design next to the word is part of their advertisement: it's a stick figure of a man driving a car. 

Here is the VW ad about Fahrvergnugen in 1990:

Friday, July 28, 2017

Malibu Beach Shop

This is what happens when you combine an old Matchbox playset, add some Matchbox Jet Skis, some Siku figures and chairs from a Camper/Caravan set and a coconut tree from "generic" toys for one fun shot.

Inline image

Below is where the Playset came from
Inline image

New Ray McLaren M19-Ford

I have this New Ray McLaren M19 for years now,

Below is the toy car, with Dennis Hulme in the real car at the 1971 US GP at Watkins Glen.  The toy car is spot-on, including car number 7, save for the (lack of) airbox.  It’s obviously unlicensed so some things have to be changed, but it’s as close to the real thing as one can get right now.  I believe no one else did the M19 in 1/64sh scale.

This car actually had seven others in the same series, and I got only four, even though all were available!!!  Below is the M19 with the Tyrrell P34 and the Ferrari 312T4.  The reason (at that time) I did not get those 2 was, other than the wrong number, I have several samples of these cars from other toy makers – especially the P34.

I got the Tyrrell 003, a Lotus 49, and the McLaren M23. I can’t remember the other 2 cars I don’t have, but I think they’re quite far from reality so that may be the reason I “passed”.